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Half Bread Share


**** SOLD OUT **** for our 2020 season. Shoot us email to get on a waiting list for this item for 2021 season!


You will receive one of a variety of loaf breads or dinner rolls delivered every other week for 16 weeks (8 deliveries total). Bread shares are provided by Megan Meinzinger of Briar Hill Bake House. Limited availability. Not available for Rogers City pick-up location.

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Bread shares are provided by Megan Meinzinger of Briar Hill Bake House. By adding a bread share you will enjoy a variety of loaf breads or dinner rolls each week or every other week. Breads are made using water, salt, organic flours, sugar, and yeast. Some specialty loaves feature local & seasonal ingredients. Breads available throughout the duration of your share may include but are not limited to the following: Crusty Ciabatta: perfect for panini style sandwiches; Cheesy Beer Loaf: the ultimate loaf to pair with a bowl of chili; Cinnamon Babka Loaf: Hello, Sunday morning french toast!

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Payment Method

Summer share ($40), Fall share ($40), Fall + Summer ($80)