Welcome to The Rose Garden of Greens, a family owned and operated farm and CSA in Lachine, Michigan.


Meet Your Farmer

Fun Fact #1

Winter is actually Rose’s favorite season, so you will usually find her working early mornings and evenings to avoid the heat of summer!

Fun Fact #2

Rose is the sole owner of The Rose Garden of Greens, LLC, but is happy to share in ownership of the wonderful land it is placed on with her husband Joshua!

Fun Fact #3

When Rose is not outside playing with plants in the garden, she can usually be found in her studio playing with her favorite medium in art, CLAY!

Fun Fact #4

While she truly takes on the barefoot days of summer with relish, Rose instantly switches to big comfy wool socks when Michigan’s winter hits!

The “Rose” of the Rose Garden of Greens.

Let us take a moment to share some insight pertaining to The Rose Garden of Greens and more specifically, The Rose beneath it all. 

Rose Bisanz started her CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in 2017 at her parents’ farm in Lachine, MI. She has since moved her production to the farm recently purchased by her and her husband, Josh, set just outside the small town of Ossineke. This location allows us to not only provide fresh food right in Ossineke, but also to the surrounding areas of Alpena. 

Rose originally began the CSA to help keep farming in the hands of small, responsible farmers who respect the land and the community. Those farmers that appreciate the value in organic growing, knowing where their food comes from, and preserving fertile ground. During these past fews years of growing, both in business and in mind, Rose has come to realize her love for farming stems from her love of food in its every form. From the seeds and sprouts to the harvest and meal preparation. 

Throughout every one of these forms there is a connection between people. This connection should not be taken for granted. It is said that music is a universal language. Well so is food! No matter a person’s background, food is always a conversation we can have! To put it simply, we believe food is the center of life. 

The Rose Garden of Greens strives to keep the conversation open about our food. Where it comes from. How it is grown. And most importantly, how it tastes. We hope to educate the public about the importance of locally grown food, whether it be the health benefits or the impact it has on the local economy. We just want people to slow down come meal time and enjoy the preparation, the cooking, and of course the abundance of flavor these locally grown goods have to offer.