Welcome to The Rose Garden of Greens, a family owned and operated farm and CSA in Lachine, Michigan.


Meet Our Partners

Here at the Rose Garden of Greens we love food. We especially love good, responsibly sourced food. That’s why it was important for us to find like minded farmers and business owners in the area to bring you quality, delicious food and food education. Hover over the pictures below to find out more about our local partners!

Adam & Madeline Beckta

Wandering Winds

Established in 2015 as a mixed produce market garden, Adam and Madeline have expanded their farm to include growing a variety of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and making over 15 flavors of local and farmstead fruit preserves. Beyond working hard to fill local farmer’s market tables and CSA shares, they have been planning and implementing long-term permaculture installations on Wandering Wind’s 80 acres located in Spruce, MI.

Corey & Carrie Standen

Standen Acres

Corey and his family produce pasture-raised pork, beef, and lamb in Alpena. They focus on heritage breeds Large Black, Mulefoot, and Mangalista pigs while practicing rotational grazing within a pasture and forest environment.  This regenerative farming practice allows the animals to live according to their natural instincts.  Their pastures are planted in a variety of brassica, legumes, and grasses for natural forage. Bringing you pork that is nutritious and nutrient dense.

Ben & Brooke Nowakowski

B & B Farms

B & B Farms is a family farm in Alpena MI owned and operated by Ben Nowakowski and Brook Alloway. On the farm they practice rotational grazing, where their cattle are moved daily to support quality animal health and help regenerate soil health. Which results in better tasting, more nutritious meat from happier cows, as well as a healthier environment.  B & B Farm’s cattle are 100% grass fed and finished and do not contain traces of added hormones or antibiotics.

Amanda Timm & Karen Grochowski

Falls Creek Flowers

Falls Creek Produce and Flowers is a family-run farm in Alpena, Michigan. The day-to-day operations are run by the mother-daughter team of Karen Grochowski and Amanda Timm, along with plenty of help from the rest of the family! Started as a produce farm in 2010, they have grown to specialize in growing unique flower varieties, floral design services, seasonal bouquet shares, stocking retail locations, and have expanded their offerings to extend their season with fall and winter home décor.

Megan Meinzinger

Briar Hill Bakehouse

Built on tradition: simplicity, love, & yeast. Megan has been influenced by a handful of sensational cooks and bakers throughout her life who have nudged her into a love affair with culinary arts. As tidbits of kitchen wisdom have been passed down it has become apparent to her food creates a irreplaceable community and family. Hoping to keep this tradition alive, Briar Hill Bake House was born. Briar Hill uses simple, high quality ingredients with a preference for sourcing local.

Casey Stutzman and PL Tribe

Performance Locker

The Performance Locker is a personal performance training facility focused on helping the community restore overall health and wellness and connecting the population with the natural resources available in Northeast Michigan. Their practices and methods focus on individual differences and help people find the proper balance between improved fitness, nutrition, and mind/body awareness to achieve overall health and wellness.