Welcome to The Rose Garden of Greens, a family owned and operated farm and CSA in Lachine, Michigan.


My fondest childhood memories were made on the farm. I remember getting up in the morning (sometimes during the coldest months of the year) to milk our one dairy cow. And having to help stack bales in our dusty, hot barn. I also recall times being out in the field weeding asparagus. You may think these sound like unpleasant memories but they are not. When I was a kid, I thought these were horribly difficult jobs and not fun at all. Looking back now, however, I know these were the best of times. I remember joking around and laughing with my brothers and sister while riding around on a huge stack of hay. I can still feel the warmth from resting my head against the side of the milk cow as the sun shine on her. You could pretty much take a nap it was so relaxing. I remember the taste of the asparagus at harvest time and the time I spent in the field with the entire family at my side. Sure, we fought the way siblings do and laughed through all of these tasks—and yes, they weren’t always the most pleasant things to do—but they were necessary, and made me who I am today.

One of my favorite memories was our garden. Every year Dad would work up a huge plot that we had to help plant, weed, and harvest. To us kids, it looked like a field, and we would often drag our feet and complain about the work. I have since realized I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The work was hard, but the fruits of our labor were delicious. Harvest time, of course, was always the best time. Sitting between the rows, picking beans and peas, but really just eating as many as we put in the basket. Shucking corn under the shade of the big maple in the front yard. Picking apples and pressing fresh cider, which would later be enjoyed hot in the cold of the winter.

Fast forward to the present day. After moving away from the farm— away from northern Michigan—I retained my love of farming and found myself working in grocery produce departments, and on other CSAs. These experiences made me realize I no longer wanted to live without all of those great childhood memories and that I needed to start The Rose Garden of Greens CSA. So when my dad asked me if I wanted to use a piece of the land from the farm I grew up on, I was thrilled. With his help, and my background in produce, I can’t wait to provide you and our community with the same wholesome food I was raised on. Thank you for supporting The Rose Garden of Greens.

—Rose Bisanz